By: johnhammond

August 30, 2021



dig signa
Segnale DigitaleSUPERBEATS Vol.8

1.Sahel Sounds – Booman Nation
2.B Flecha – Ceja De Carnaval
3.Supersoul -The Masterplan
4.Cosmo Notch – Music Hustling
5.Zen Cowboys – Mad World
6.Meat Beat Manifesto – Off Centre – Wild Remix
7.Newham Generals – Tetsuya’s Theme
8.African With MainFrames – Vibrations
9.Beats International – Burundi Blues
10.Dj Punk Rock – Rockin it
11.Zenzile – H-Air
12.General Dub – Battle – Kid vs.Tony Inch
13.Marks Stewart – This Things Happen
14.Bangers R Mashed – Bob Bubble
15.Coldcut – More Betas & Pieces – Dj Father Turntable Mix
16.T La Rock – Flow With The Style
16.Grandmaster Flash & Dj Food – Last Night A Cliche Saved My Life