By: segdevadm

September 16, 2016



New interviews for SOUNDSYSTEMCULTURE.ORG: thanks to the work and help of friends and brothers, the first with Action Fire, a jamaican singer of long experience and value that offers us his point of view on the role of the singer in the current reggae market to which we add a second interview with the London-based producer Nick Manasseh of Manasseh Sound System, who with more than 30 years of sounds, selections and productions behind him, introduces us to the London atmosphere and brings us back to experiences that represent the foundation of the culture of Sound System in Europe. In addition, interviews with Bredda Neil from King Shiloh, Neil Perch from Zion Train, Steve Vibronics, DjWar from WarSoundSystem, Dan I from Imperial Sound Army, Ben from AlphaSteppa and BlackoutJA and many more are coming in for the foreseeable future.
SOUNDSYSTEMCULTURE.ORG: is a place to promote real communication, tolerance, respect, conscience and knowledge not only about reggae and sound systems but also about all aspects of an “Inna Babylon” life. So we will exhibit and present stories, testimonies and opinions about the culture and the world that we all live and love from producers, singers, musicians, promoters and reggae fans who have made their mark for their commitment, honesty and seriousness ‘towards the people who make all this possible, the sound boys and, after all, towards the music.