Let’s Talk About Politics

September 23, 1996


Let’s Talk About Politics
1996, 10 min.
Directed by Elio Gelmini
Production: A Few Steps Production & Segnale Digitale
Editing: Elio Gelmini

Let’s Talk About Politics is an experimental film that uses dream sequences interspersed with ironic social commentary. Set in an unnamed Latin American Country, Gelmini presents the viewer with images of corrupt official and military men.

An opulent setting of sloth and puppets, signifying abuses of power, is intercut with beautiful shots of a man making love to himself in a mirror while his lover lays dying on the bed. The soft, gauzy focus of the shots give the film a beautiful and romantic feel to contrast its biting satire.


Inside / Out Film & Video Festival Toronto – Canada – May-June 1996
Image Out Film & Video Festival Rochester, New York – USA – Oct 1996
Foreign Show Seattle – USA – March 1998
Mansion Theatre Baltimore – USA – March 1998
Foreign Show Maryland – USA – March 1998
Artist TV Access San Francisco – March 1998
Independent Exposure http://www.thesync.com/indexposure/arch3.html

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