I Guerrieri Della Poesia

May 3, 2004


I Guerrieri Della Poesia
2004, 30 min.
Directed by Carlo Vitali
Production: Segnale Digitale
Editing: Carlo Vitali


I Guerrieri della Poesia” is a portrait of a group of friends who whenever they can find themselves to dive from the rocks of the “Poesia“, a typical resort on the Salentinian seaside, which is peculiar for its crystal clear sea, rocks and caves.

And it is exactly the moment of the dive, the flight into the sea, which characterizes these images, together with the boys, girls and people of all ranks and ages which “burn” for this sensation. As years pass by, passion does not decrease, but in fact it extends itself to sons and grandchildren, creating new generations of divers.

The energy, the strength of simplicity and the heart of this land appear through and are reflected in the words and gestures of the main characters. The “Salento”, in the south of Italy, is a land of “sea, sun and wind”, bound to ancient traditions, but also to new energies which live on freedom, creativity and redemption.

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