BASSCULTURE Vol. 169 – BASSGEN2 – JAN 2 2024

By: johnhammond

January 24, 2024



dig signa
Segnale DigitaleBASS CULTURE vol.169

1.Dubkasm Feat. Rider Shafique – Inna Dub Style
2.Panix Feat Lionpulse – Tell Them Straight
3.Donovan kingly – Politrician
4.Blackout Ja – Too Long Victims
5.Violin Boy Feat    Echo Ranks
6.Madplate Feat Jago & Gala Spiritual – Tension
7.Bukkha & Dubbing Sun
8.The Gyrators – Murderer
9.Ranking Fox – Burn The Town
10.Lorry Rankin – Ghetto Youths
11.Iron Dubs Feat Daddy Freddy – Sky Is The Limit
12.Iron Dubs Feat Queen Omega – Tuff Like Iron
13.Echo Minnot & Solo Banton – Hustling
14.Zion Train feat DBo General – Brighter Day
15.Adam Prescot Feat Tenor Youthman – Put Down The Gun
16.Segnale Digitale Feat Blackout Ja – Jungle River
17.Iron Dubs Feat Daddy Freddy – Bun Babylon