September 28, 2008

Fresh news for all the soundbwoys!!!

SEGNALE DIGITALE presents a new production by SEGNALE DIGITALE & GREEZLY PRODUCTIONS, two brand new 7″ vinyl with four tracks based on three different riddims, as performed by Dreama, GambatheLenk, Papa Sabbo and Junior Sprea.

The four tracks and three riddims (Chicking Attitude, New Generation, Businessman) above have been selected from the CD Mix entitled NEW GENERATION VOL1, which has been available in the best reggae shops since February 2008 and has enjoyed a wide positive reaction both from music reviewers and the many fans that have bought the CD and recommended it to their friends.

This last vinyl production, released at the beginning of July in concomitance with ROTOTOM 2008, features the voices of the new talent emerging from the NEW GENERATION of milanese singers. It will certainly become part of the collection of all Italian soundbwoys with irresistible songs like PRECARIO, POLLO NO, UN METRO DI CARTINA and MIRAGGIO and will fire up all the Italian yards!

Check dis, absolutely not to be missed!!!!!

Preview files are available on the pages of the single artists involved in this production.

Junior Sprea
Precario by M.Spreafico/F.Saltieri.
Un metro di cartina by A.De Ponti/ F.Salteri.

Pollo no by V. Pulvirenti/F.Saltieri.
Papa Sabbo
Miraggio by S.Guglielmino/ F.Salteri.


SEGNALE DIGITALE offers the opportunity to buy directly the versions on vinyl with a delivery service to your door.
For more info or to buy this product ……click here

To purchase digital versions of this production, SEGNALE DIGITALE offers the opportunity to buy a MP3 or WAV file to 44.1khz, 16 bit stereo, from our web store,SD STORE ONLINE or from others web stores like JUNO DOWNLOAD.

Track List

  • 1 - Precario - Junior Sprea

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  • 2 - Un Metro di Cartina - Dreama

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  • 3 - Pollo No - GambatheLenk

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  • 4 - Miraggio - Papa Sabbo

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