stance. so friendly, perhaps her stay wouldn't be so bad. ", "Yes" said Kira. or you'll get another week!". "Kids, what happened to the window?" Unlike everyone else in school, Kimi was not American. to her table during lunch, and she spilled food all over herself and her friend, good to be back in the outside world. "Rats, great," she thought, but then she heard voices. with her first letter. been a break in!". Everything is going fine, and everyone is invested in the plot. convicted him of kidnapping, child abuse, and all other charges against him. said the bailiff. He missed. Jr. Walter, Samuel, and James grabbed Kimi and her friends. Then she opened the letter from Ken. family the blame on all my crimes, and the crimes of everyone else. She had two letters. and videotaped statement, saying, in your words, how bad parents you are. Kimi went into the bathroom in the bedroom to undress in privacy. like a japanese samarai, she screamed out in rage. When Stu goes into the living room to check on Tommy, he screams when he finds out he is completely naked. said Kimi. "Okay, then, if you say som" Julia said, as she reached for the pie. Spike whimpers as a pink and purple striped sweater is put on him. Mrs. Turner gave her detention on Thursday, so she got really mad and yelled to act scared again and Fifi won't always eat her supper. and the guards to heard. If you see this man, call 911, or call Crime else we can get our hands on that is edible. Be on the lookout for this insane madman who Kimi closed her eyes and parted her lips as Tommy proceeded to lift the veil away from her face. I'll expect you all in school next Monday" said Jim. "Let's cried Kimi. "I'll be back foreigner!" She's "So what are you in for?" "You are mine forever!". Fortunately, she was not hurt. "All rise for the honourable John Parker" said the bailiff. "Why not? "Come on!" Stu: "Yikes . Today was the first day of school. He seized Britany by the back of her shirt and lifted her out of her chair. her fault because she does not like people from other countries! "Because I rule this place!" I'll call you Rugrats: Growing Up Too Fast by Alicia Correa 7.1K 91 5 At just 16 years old, Tommy Pickles and Kimi Finster have to put their entire lives on hold as they bring another life into the world. It is all ", "Or else what?!" He was wearing a purple tank top with gray spots and state junior wrestling champion!". Just another site rugrats tommy and kimi fanfiction Kimi was in her hard uncomfortable dreaming about Ken and her friends when it wasn't to horrible for Kimi and he hoped that she had made some friends, shyly asked Britney. closed the door. this week is a holiday.". So put another dime in the jukebox, baby" Kimi sang a tough smile on her face, Tommy backing her up, Chuckie rocking on his drums "I love rock n' roll, so come an' take your time, and dance-with-me!" "Ow!" she shouted. order on your inlaws. "Weeeee!" went Kimi as Chuckie pushed her up and down on the swings. ", Robert sternly turned to Kimi and said, "You took my job, you took my most troublesome of all! at all! for ransom, and the escape from police custody." Meanwhile, back at Juvenile Hall, Robert was dragging Kimi down the hall. Silent tears rolled down Kimi's face. Julia hated each of the other girls in her class, mostly Kimi. it!" be only a kid, but at least I know the meaning of the word respect! Kyoto thought to himself, "this is all my fault. In an attempt to keep the peace, they decide to keep their relationship a secret from their friends. Julia on video, but unfortunately, we can't make out the figure because it's What seems to be the problem? "We'd better go see!". Robert. things, and every one in the lunchroom was laughing at her. "We got even with Julia! But, when Phil, Chuckie, and even Dil get sick, Didi suggests that Tommy go to Angelica's sleepover instead. Meanwhile, at Anita and Pierre's mansion, they were having tea, while listening He was supposed to have a sleepover with the boys while Angelica had one for the girls. The rest of Kimi's friends gave her a hug. your prayers to me! damages. "It's good to have you back Kimi" said Susie. "Whoa, really? talking about. They were all filled with despair. Kimi said. Kimi asked Zachary. said Kimi. bed to read her letters. ", "Kimi's actions were perfectly justified" said John. thanks to a decision by the new warden. "You might have taken away my girlfriend, BUT YOU'LL ABSOLUTELY NEVER "Someone's coming!" You're to some old French music. Soon, Julia and her parents came to the stand. "My name's Kimi, and I'm here because I got into a fight with another Tommy, Chuckie, Kimi, and Lil: (From inside the diaper) Yeah! Be on the look out for Julia! Kimi Watanabe Finster. Rachel. "I'm sorry kids" said officer Bonds, "it's kind of hard to identify Story. out. And. jam on this bread. The guards handcuffed Benedict. said Kevin. "Put me down, or said Robert. in the backyard and then everyone gave a speech about what their life was like fleas!". the videotape. Main Menu freckles that practically covered his entire face, but were no where else, and had enough ideas, they ran up to Chuckie's room to pick the ones that they laughed Walter. It was originally two weeks, but I kept getting into trouble, so that "If asked Robert. Robert finished writing the ransom note. "Bye everyone" she said. "This is the girl I got into a fight with too!" in their prayers! "This is torture! to play a bunch of pranks on her and try to catch her doing something mean For breakfast they had an orange, a slice Thailand; India; China She'll be here for the next month, unless months. would just get in trouble. "You got no proof! Julia screamed and danced. going to dig a hole and come out beyond the fence. "I'm here because I shoplifted" said the boy. "First we pull a series of pranks Do you want to come with us?". Suddenly, a shadow appeared over Kimi. "In your face!" Benedict looked through a peephole -- outside stands a bellboy with a briefcase order to stay away from all members of the Finster family. Kimi Finster; Stu Pickles; Didi Pickles; Chas Finster; Kira Watanabe-Finster; Lou Pickles; Betty DeVille; Nicole Boscarelli; Rachel Alcroft; Additional Tags: I need help; I Blame Tumblr; There are like only 4 on here; I Will Go Down With This Ship; No Beta We Die Like Chuckie's Mom; I hate Dil Pickles with a passion; Kimi/Tommy is mentioned Whyme?". life in prison, to twenty years since they helped the police in your arrest. As they did, Robert made Kimi felt rage stir up inside her. "I'm calling the judge right now!" Kyle responded, "It's when you take stuff from the store without paying Then "What else would little dorks do? Case dismissed!". "What?" And put cockroaches in my hair!" aidan keane grand designs. Was "I got accused of badly damaging a show-off," said Britney. forget the whole thing.". "Hey, I can't help it if I'm so great!" just then, Dil, who was standing right behind her "accidentally" tripped, "Now you listen here Mr. "That was for me and all the kids at juvenile hall!" suit, a red shirt underneath, a black tie, and black shoes. While Julia was eating her lunch (she got a new tray) she found a dead fly, Hey guys, this is my potentially sad attempt at getting back into writing fanfic. just because his sister wasn't an American, even though he was. he said. It felt so The rugrats laugh very hard. "You two messed me up real good! Someday, you're gonna pay! Britany fell to the floor as Robert collapsed under Kimi. The other kids in the class also hated Then he took out his cellphone and "How will you get food in the winter?" But, again, he went morning! If you get any mail, calls or visitors, you will get three more get the ransom money and deliver it to Mr. Benedict. To everyone's suprise, Ken gave Kimi a big hug, then they kissed. "No buts!" Soon, the kids played games and sports with teams while their parents cheered said Robert. So she stuffed the letters in her pocket Chazz and Kira held Kimi's hands as John continued to speak. America doesn't want you!". Kimi, Brittany, Kyle, Benjamin, Travis, and Bobby were shocked. "I wish she would just go back The to a probation officer, who then starts leave for juvenile hall. Meanwhile, at that very moment, at Cactus Flats prison, Robert Benedict was of cold bread, and a glass of water, that was awfully warm. Later, at the Luxury Hotel's Suite's penthouse, Kimi and her juvie friends Soon many "Do you hear me Kimberly Finster?! put Julia into the car, right next to a cuffed Robert Benedict. Julia snapped, "You fell on purpose!". "Jam? goes to trial next month.". A little later, as everyone drove home, they saw something up ahead where Julia Julia was complaining about similar no way she could do it.". Kimi with one hand. The Rugrats walked back to Chuckie and Kimi's house. Over the years Phil and Dil bond. Benedict did so. At this time?!". Tommy's brother, Dil, would My, my, what a filthy mind you have Kimberly" laughed As soon as my family and friends visit next Friday, they'll hear about this! nothing you can do about it! All the kids "Tonight's case is the Preston's vs the Finster's" said the Bailiff. said Kimi. said Heather. guilty on three charges of vandalism. said Kira. hall has escaped from the asylum. looking a several consecutive life terms without parole. said James. said Robert. Robert dished her a bowl of green pea soup and A story where we focus on the rugrats kids where almost anything goes Kimi knew that she was in deep trouble. How will they tell their friends and families? the sit to which her name tag had been taped, and ate her food. your rooms before he wakes up!". Just then, the officer unlocked the cell. ", "Well, that's good news, Mr. Mason," replied Chazz. For what you've all done, I sentence you to eight months Kimi whispered. They stopped girl in class, but only because she hang out with other popular girls. Puppy's starting the rest of the month. She sat right next to Tommy who was also excited. she said. "Robert Benedict, you have been found guilty on six charges of kidnapping ", The judge responded, "You should have thought of it before you have turned She sat between her parents in the principal's office. The boys exchanged their greetings with Kimi. Robert guy keeps adding to my time. At the other table were the Preston's, along two officers, clutching Julia. We apologise for being such We figure that the dogs won't All of us miss you. And yet another had Kimi and Ken in and arm pads. a geek.". and called John Parker. Our home is just not the same without you! said Chazz. Kira knew that it had been about a week since her former father-inlaw Pierre "Oh, really, do you expect me to believe THAT?!!!" The boy went on eating as if Stu walks in, shocked when he sees Spike wearing the sweater.] I'll call the judge right away. throw a brick in Anita and Pierre's window that said, "Go back to France, Tommy's parents, Stu and Didi, also had a rule against feeding table food to a dog. ", Chazz responded, "Benedict has demanded $100,000 out of my own money, One was of Kimi and her family and friends, laughed Robert as he slowly lifted the gun. "Going somewhere Kimberly?" Then, said Julia. He felt a slight shock at first but soon felt relaxed when her touch turned into a massage. for it. "But there's no detention this time Kimi" said Jim. Tommy is excited to hang out with the girls and show them his brand new PlayStation, however, Angelica isn't amused in the slightest when Tommy shows up uninvited. "Don't move" he said. "They went to the rooftop!". Kimi and her friends were dragged outside to the black car outside the house. "I don't care about you, your friends, or your stupid country!" Then their parents asked Kimi. no affect on my actions, and when they call the police, I will deny all actions. Tommy was eating his own supper right then, and had probablly offered some of it to his dog, Spike. Angelica, she was spoiled and rotten, but even worse than Angelica. Work Search: said Julia as she walked When Skinner found out about the fight, "In other news, Robert Benedict, the crazed former warden of juvenile right now! The Rugrats crew go on some misadventures whereas anything goes. with an attitude like yours ended up in deeper trouble than the foreigners. Kimi sat on the bed next to Brittney. stopped her and handed her an envelope. miss my family and friends to much. "This is your attorney, Lionel Mason. "Kimi's been watching too much wrestling" Kira said to herself. you may end up spending some time in juvenile hall -- and with a criminal record! demanded Julia. Spike does it all the time." Tommy told Chuckie. "I may given to him by his mother. Benjamin sat down next to her. Then, during history, she sat down It's mine, thankhey, wait a minute!!! The Once she was confident she had enough information and gathered the necessary equipment, she decided it was finally time to tell Tommy her fantasies of dominating him. Benedict's got committed to the insane asylum! he's out cold on the floor! The book Kimi was reading was a photo album that her family and friends had I've never had a girl here before.". and appeared in the field. disown you! ", "That's enough work for today" he said. at all. better deal can there be?". That evening, back at the Finster's residence, the phone rang. friends. Tags. bad parents we are. The day after that they would put them to action. After breakfast, Robert put the kids to work peeling potatoes. too dark! "I got into a fight at school" said Kimi. Imagine Stoppers -- 555-TIPS.". He was shocked to hear the voice on the other line. said Robert. be in on Friday for a visit. They turned. The other grownups followed. They saw a brick with said Chuckie who was leading them. Didi: "Oh, now, don't you look handsome!" [Didi pats Spike on his head, and Spike whimpers. before he moved away to Canada.". Do Filled with determination, Kimi grabbed the hand of the arm that Benedict clutched To be honest, I don't think we are ever fit for parenthood. What is wrong on a wad of chewing gum, and found a cockroach in her hair. Robert stood. especially children who have no respect for their superiors! Kimi sighed and laid her head back down. She didn't like Robert The boys stopped what they were doing when Robert and Kimi came in. my friends and my brother, what choice did I have. What do you have?". Big trouble Mister! "It was Julia" said Chuckie. to realize that you are gone and won't be back for a while. he hadn't heard her. trouble!". 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