War Project

May 12, 2005

The first result from the collaboration of DJ War aka WARSOUND and SEGNALE DIGITALE was “WAR PROJECT“, a cd demo mix made by Dj War and produced by SEGNALE DIGITALE in 2005.

The selection that Dj War produces for this mix cd, presents tracks that go from his first roots to the most classical ragamuffin, the hardest raga and the digital dancehall of these days, giving us over an hour of top vibes!

Main characters of the collection, the main artists of the Jamaican reggae scene mixed in juggling style by DJ War with vocals by Lumarra and Key.

1.prophetssattamassagana                                    31.elephant menget on up
2.prince faridock of cars                                        32.beenie mannot on my team
3.anthony bgood & bad                                         33.bounty killerstand firm
4.capletondislocate                                                34.elephant mensomebody
5.riddimsattamassagana                                        35.bounty killer fire
6.handimannatural high grade                              36.riddimscoobay
7.shineno more fire                                                  37.razorworkings
8.riddimcous cous– dub vers.                                 38.elephant men swear
9.shineheadpromises                                              39.degree empire
10. little johnno one better                                       40.sizzlababylove
11.burru bantontek & set                                          41.anthony Blighting
12.dennis alcaponewar jingle                                  42.richie spice I love you
13.riddimimmigration                                              43.capleton & aktlon Hmy boo
14.admiral tibetno fear                                               44.elephant menclump up
15.taffari & anthony B . – rise up                                  45.wayne marshalllet drums play
16.riddimfather jungle rock                                     46.macka diamondmr tech
17.lucianojah jah let me down                                 47.cecilewhen we are seen
18.tony rebelno daddy like you                               48.chicono want
19.I waynecan’t satisfy her                                      49.sizzlaI’m with the girls
20.capletonie dem a tell                                            50.general degreesoldier girl
21.tanya stephensfemale pimping                           51.bounty killerwarlord wak
22.shaggyready for the ride                                     52.ward 21may I
23.jagwa & voice mailwant it all aday                       53.mr richbaby song
24.voice mailfat ma                                                    54.lu marrafama te lecchini
25.bounty killerno more suffering                             55.riddimbubble up
26.delicioussic dun pon’t                                          56.sean paulwell be burning
27. soul boywar jingle                                                57.elephant menit sweet me
28.bounty killerno more suffering                             58.kay tsunami
29.left side& escapassa passa                                   59.degree it deh yah
30.Vibz Kartelmore life                                                60.wayne marshallno man curse

Thanks to SEGNALE DIGITALE and above all Leleprox Podcast Service is available an audiofile with an mp3 megamix preview of this production. Clicca qui per ascoltare!

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