April 3, 2007

SUPERFUNK vol.1 is the first compilation for the 2007- others will come – mixed and produced by SEGNALE DIGITALE.

Completely based on dope beats, funky breaks e hiphop grooves, put toghether new tracks and old pearls very difficult to find from the american and english deep funk tradition, directly from the SEGNALE DIGITALE archive.


1. AfrikaBambata & KingKamonziradio free d.c. – 2005
2. Braillebox of rhymes -2006
3. Spinmasterbustin’loose – 1988
4. Easylifenatural featuring erik sumograsshopper – 2005
5. Jazzanovaanothernwedaymoonstarr rmx – 2003
6. James brownthe payback mix – 1987
7. James brownthe payback mix – 1987
8. The urban allstarrit began in africa – 1988
9. The Jackson Sistersi believe in miracles – 1976
10. West Street Mobbreakdanceanderson remix – 1984
11. The Diaz Brothers here we go again – 1984
12. Mantronixking of the beats – 1988
13. Chad Jacksonhera the drummer (get wicked) – 1990
14. Homeboycontrol yourself cousin – 1989
15. Andy Smith & Scott Andy meet Wolrfgang Daunerjust bring it out – 1999
16. Dj Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Princering my bell -instrumental – 1991
17. Dj Daygone bad – 2006
18. Speedometerwork it out Beatfanatic rmx – 2006
19. Rare funkwhite
20. Random Heroes c’mon and get it Flow Dinamics rmx – 2006
20. Skeewiff vs Fort Knox Fivenow i’m living for me – 2004
21. Bronx DogsJazzy Jay tribute – 2003
22. Unkwonwhite


Thanks to SEGNALE DIGITALE are available 2 audiofile with an mp3 megamix preview of this production.

Click here to listen to part1 Click here to listen to part2


Andrea Mi

Wow! This mixed collection is a real bomb. Listen to it in the morning and it will give you a lift that no Ovomaltine melted with royal jelly and guarana could give.

Try and trust! You will find many possible declinations of funk in it, although not disregarding the masters’ lessons (uncle James appears several times),and not neglecting the fruitful soils of hip hop, nu soul and afro beat. The mixtape is such a kind of time shuttle bringing us back in the past, here in our time, and forward through many possible futures of the most danceable rhythm ever conceived.

Beats that truly lift your feet from the ground, burning sessions of wind instruments, thrilling vocal inserts and the right quantity of scratch: these the ingredients of a well made recipe. Must remark the noteworthy mixing, always clean and not missing a particular style, accurate on strokes and never excessive. Just a recommendation: you’d better scrub the floor before listening to this mix; it will make you feel like you could get down and swing on your back like a turtle. May the funk be with you.
Andrea Mi

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