Irie Breaks Vol.2 & FutureBreaks Vol. 2

February 14, 2008

SEGNALE DIGITALE presents a new demo CDs titled  “Irie Breaks Volume2”  &   ” FutureBreaks Vol. 2 “.

The CD was mixed live in Milan at Segnale Digitale’s studios. Like the preceeding “Volume 1“, it features the sounds of the Breaks & Dubs UK scene, as well as some international tracks.

More than one hour long, the CD contains tracks ranging from the historical Afrika Bambaataa’sPlanet Rock” to new Breaks based on a wide use of roots samples and deep dub, ragga and reggae beats which have gained international recognition in the last couple of years, nevertheless keeping a strong relation with the hardcore sounds of the rave and d’n’b scene, and which define a new and stronger connection between urban breaks, hiphop, ragga, reggae and dub style.

FutureBreaks Vol. 2 ” instead presents a selection of historical Breaks & Breakbeats and much rougher , which are general to the fore in recent years, becoming a real ” anthem ” , but much closer to the sounds of the hardcore rave scene , jungle and d’n’b .


Available in mp3 format, click the following links to listen or to download:
Irie Breaks Vol. 2
Future Breaks Vol. 2

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