Irie Breaks & Future Breaks

July 8, 2007

SEGNALE DIGITALE presents two new demo CD’s titled “Future Breaks” and “Irie Breaks“.

Recorded live in the studio of SEGNALE DIGITALE in Milano, the CD’s focus on the sounds of the international breaks&dubs scene that have had big notoriety in the UK in the last few years thanks to the work and production of established DJ’s like Tayo, FreqNasty and Aquasky among others.

The CD’s are each longer than one hour and contain different selections although a few historical tracks are in common. “Irie Breaks” focuses on versions of the tracks with an ample use of roots samples and deep dub, ragga, and reggae influences; “Future Breaks” leans towards the hardcore side of the scene while keeping a clear connection with ragga and dub styles. Irie vibes!


Available in mp3 format, click the following links to listen or to download:
Irie Breaks
Future Breaks

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