FutureBreaks Vol. 3

October 5, 2008

FutureBreaks Volume 3” is a new compliation mixed by SEGNALE DIGITALE which, as volume 2 of the same series, focuses on the most experimental sounds of the international and UK Breaks. The CD features a selection of hardcore breaks and breakbeats taken from the rave and jungle scene, produced by the likes of Beat Assassins, Drumattic Twins, Napt, Ed Solo & DJ Deekline, Frestylers, Napt, Aquasky and including the participation of MCs like Coolie Buds, meno male, Old Dirty Bastard, Mc Ivory and Spyda.

FutureBreaks Volume 3” is a snapshot of an electronic scene which is in constant evolution and at the same time keeps an eye on its cultural roots that are reinterpreted according to new styles and versions, interconnecting urban breaks, hiphop, ragga, reggae and dub style.


Available in mp3 format, click the following link to listen or to download:
Future Breaks Vol. 3

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