War Signals Vol1

December 12, 2007

WAR SIGNALS Vol.1, “Original Dancehall Warrior from ITALian YARDS”, completely produced by SEGNALE DIGITALE and WARSOUND, is a collection of works by well known singers as well as young talented artists from many different italian yards. The purpose of this first mixed cd is that to let these singers express their skills on the riddims produced by the Rivernile Band and by Catchy outa “Xtreme Entertainment” together with SEGNALE DIGITALE & WARSOUND.

Many young emergent talents of the italian reggae movement are taking part in this first chapter, such as GambatheLenk, Pupiddhru, Shaqqalamity, Karkadan, NicoRoyale, Manzish together with well experienced singers like Roddi, Ghetto Eden, Tunaman and with new well purposing singers as Wario, Dreama, JuniorSprea, JahkiRevi, giving a portrait of italian independent underground music which is alive and continuously evolving. The cd, arranged and produced by SEGNALE DIGITALE & WARSOUND, has been mixed by Catchy and SEGNALE DIGITALE in the X-treme Entertainment Studio in Milan. For further informations visit: www.myspace.xtreme/entertainmentsoundsystem.

The volume two is already being prepared, with new contributions and many confirmations, proving once again the existance of some incredible vitality under the ashes of the italian reggae scenery which is growing up in spite of limitations, public order problems, and although the repression of the state and commercial industry. This growth due most of all to the passion and love for this music and its positive vibrations, love coming out of the great massive on every corner of Italy. BigUp!!

Collaboration: WARSOUND


Track List

  • Track 01riddim: FIRST CLASS

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  • Track 02 riddim: BLUE LIGHTS

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  • Track 03 riddim: SOUNDBOY SAGA

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  • Track 04 riddim: CHATTY

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  • Track 05 riddim: by BUSS INNA

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  • Track 06 riddim: CHATTHY

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  • Track 07 riddim: MORTAL COMBAT

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  • Track 08 riddim: LOVE

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  • Track 09 riddim: NAYA

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TRACK1 durata: 7'25'' riddim: FIRST CLASS by Rivernile Band. "Gambalova pt2" - Gamba "the Lenk/" I know""- Shaqqalamity/" Pagine" - Tunama/"Non ti credere" - Jahki Revi.
TRACK2durata: 6'53'' riddim: BLUE LIGHTS by Rivernile Band. " Decchiui" - Pupiddhru & Gamba "the Lenk"/ "Me nuh war" Pupiddhru/ " Testa i miei limiti"- Manzish.
TRACK3 durata: 8'48'' riddim: SOUNDBOY SAGA by Catchy from Xtreme Entertainment. "Money Guack" - Gamba "the lenk" & DMSY/ "Amazingly " - Wario/"Soundbwoy saga" - Pupiddhru/ "Everybody love a dance" - Jahki Revi.
TRACK4 durata: riddim: CHATTY by Catchy from Xtreme Entertainment. "Il Boom del chatty chatty" - Gamba "the Lenk"/ "Check di gyaal " - Pupiddhru/ "Step in a dance" -Roddi/"Shake it high" - Wario/"The singer" - Nico Royale/ "Dancehall smile" - Jahki Revi/ "Mi da stimolo" - Junior Sprea/ "Fire bum bum" - Dreema.
TRACK5 durata: 2'56'' riddim: by BUSS INNA from Xtreme Entertainment. Buss Inna "- Shaqqalamity/ "Ho my lady" - Jahki Revi.
TRACK6 durata: X'XX' riddim: CHATTHY by Catchy from Xtreme Entertainment". Troa la forza" - Ghetto Eden/ "Ana tunzi RMX" - Karkadan/ "God is one" - Ghetto Eden/"Siente sti picciotti" - Tunaman/ "A' Fimmina" - Shaqqalamity.
TRACK7 durata: 4'16'' riddim: MORTAL COMBAT by Catchy from Xtreme Entertainment. Finti badbwoy - Pupiddhru/Anytime me think - Wario/Like a boat - Jahki Revi.
TRACK8 durata: 4'29'' riddim: LOVE by Catchy from Xtreme Entertainment & Fonzo from Bovisa Reggae Foundation. - "Notte & giorno" - Pupiddhru/ "Love song"- Wario.
TRACK9 durata: 3'57'' riddim: NAYA by Catchy from Xtreme Entertainment, Guff & Jah Youth - " Io oggi" - Gamba "the Lenk".

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